The Puppet's Strings

The Story Starts
Our Mighty Adventurer's Emerge!

As the story begins, we find a group of five young and tired adventurers aimlessly walking towards their destination. Suddenly the young girl’s companion promptly stops and stares at the most beautiful sight for a weary adventurer’s eyes. As the two young girls observe the flower, they are suddenly ambushed by a band of Kobolds. No doubt these Kobolds have some nasty plans for the girls. After being knocked out, the young girl awakens to find her companion missing, and her prized possession, a beautiful ruby ring, missing from her left hand. The girl begins to freak out and wonder what the monsters could possibly be doing to her companion.

Welcome to the Adventure Log!
Rules and Regulations for postage.

Hey guys! So this here is where all of our adventure logs are going to be stored. (A-duh :P)
In here, you will be able to find a complete detail story of what happened so far, and I will consistently post here to update the story each time we have a new session. Another thing that you guys will be able to do is write your own character journals and the story as your character sees it. Of course with this power comes great responsibility and therefore, I have established a couple of rules for posting here.

1) You may title your post in any way you wish, BUT it must have your name included in parenthesis somewhere in the title to indicate who was the author of the post.

2) You can generally write out anything in these posts, just please do not bully and harass other players. Seriously, we’re not in kindergarten.

3) If you are severely upset by an event that has happened in game, PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE TO VENT AND COMPLAIN! I really do try my hardest to make an enjoyable story, and I am willing to talk things over if you don’t like the way a certain event happened in game. I will not accept constant mockery of my ability of storytelling, and I will not tolerate consistent attempts at trying to re-write the story.

And finally…

4) Just have fun with it guys, that’s what D&D is all about!


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