Welcome to THE PUPPET’S STRINGS D&D adventure!

Once upon a time, in a land so far away existed the Multiverse… A place that held many planes where just about anything you could imagine existed. There was one particular plane that was more extraordinary than the rest, The Material Plane.
On this plane existed the world Medreal. Medreal had four continents located on it: Moertus in the Northwest, Faerun in the Northeast, Ebberon in the Southwest, and Kalamar in the Southeast. Our story however takes place in Moertus.
Moertus lived peacefully for many eons… but unfortunately evil is brewing and it’s up to our new heroes to save the day! Will they be able to stop this new threat and save Moertus??? It’s all up to their will.

Cast and Crew:
All NPC – Joey Meyers
Lia – Vanessa Brotzman
Sim – Maxx Reed
Zeddero – Tyler Motta
Halt – David Brotzman
Breella – Baylee Hodder
Unknown Adventurer – Sean Evanick

The Puppet's Strings